FIFA 20: Wrong Breaks New Ground

What’s wrong with playing football / soccer wrong? Meet the FIFA 20 Groundbreakers, breaking new ground throughout the World’s greatest game.

What’s often lost in the game is the freedom to try new things on the soccer field. The best soccer players in the world do the unexpected, the surprise more or trick that leads to or results in a goal. Don’t be afraid to take players on or make that long field pass. Yes, as a soccer team you want to keep possession of ball but to score a goal and unlock a defense it often takes that special dribbling move or unexpected pass. Don’t lose that part of your game as you move up the ranks and into the higher levels of soccer. Don’t lose the kid in you who grew up loving soccer and all those tricks and clever passes.

Jadon Sancho broke new ground when he moved to Borussia Dortmund in 2017. Back then, it was the done thing for young English talent stay in the Premier League, but Sancho went against the grain to prove the world wrong.

“I was expressing myself,” Sancho told The Independent earlier this year. “No one cared if you lost the ball because it was like free-styling sessions. Everyone just doing skills against each other – trying to embarrass people.”

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