Frenkie de Jong’s Signature Turn

Frenkie de Jong of Barcelona loves to do this turn to escape pressure. It’s a bit of a feint like he’s going one way but he  instead spins out the other way. It’s a move that he does quite often and with great effect. The turn is clearly Frenkie de Jong’s favorite skill. This turn is really popular and useful for central midfielders, and many say that Xavi did this turn all the time while he played for Barcelona. The question now, and the pressure on Frenkie, is can he become the next Iniesta or Xavi for Barcelona?

One thing that stands out when Frenkie de Jung does this turn is how he accelerates after he does the move to break free from pressure. That’s the important thing to do with any dribbling move or fake – the change of pace after the skill is executed. Slow then fast.

To play as a central midfielder, you need to be able to be composed on the ball under pressure and have the ability to keep the ball in tight spaces. With this simple but effective turn, you can beat defenders like Frenkie De Jong.

Players such as Frenkie De Jong use their body and subtle movements of the ball to unbalance defenders so they can escape with the ball at their feet and by using the simple tips shown in this video you can master the Frenkie De Jong turn and get away from defenders with ease. Learn this easy move and leave defenders chasing shadows.