Favorite Sponsors of Gol TV and Fox Soccer

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About Soccer, But Barely

I wrote a while back how we will know soccer has made it when we see a beer commercial on Fox Soccer, and I might be wrong in that we’re already seeing the genius Guinness commercial where the little men torpedo up in the smooth foaming glasses. The tag line is, ‘It’s Alive Inside’, but I believe that’s on another channel and not on the soccer channels just yet.

Guinness Ad


Just last week the advertising world was enthralled with something called the Super Bowl ad. I personally liked the tire commercial where the driver swerves to miss the screaming squirrel and the women in the car is screaming and looks a lot like the screaming squirrel. Then later there was another ad where a car nearly misses Alice Cooper and then speeds up to hit the aerobics dancer, Richard Simmons

Bridgestone ‘Scream’ Super Bowl Ad


The Audi R8 superbowl commercial, inspired by the famous godfather scene, wasn’t bad either.

Although the ads on Fox Soccer and Gol TV might be more in the class of the worst ads ever, they do have an endearing quality somehow. Since they’re just trying, trying to make money selling whatever it is they can.

The super bowl ads also got me to thinking, why doesn’t Google have a competition where they put one video ad on their homepage once a week or once a month, the so called super bowl ad of the Internet.

But here’s the class of the soccer ad world – our favorite Fox Soccer and Gol TV ads:

  • ProCede – hair shaft diameter; my hair looks thicker because it is thicker (this ad got thinking about the Seinfeld episode where George is calling China for a hair loss product. Jerry’s like they wouldn’t let it out if it worked, could you imagine, it be like some super human race, no bald men in China)

  • Sauna Twin – lose water weight
  • Kick Medic – a ball on a string
  • Perfect Push Up – enough said
  • Perfect Pull Ups – your entire upper body will be pumped – Navy seal workout package
  • Fat Heads – enough said
  • Miracle Blade III – free miracle blades (cuchillos)

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