LA Galaxy Counter Attack Versus AC Milan

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This is how you counter attack in soccer. Honestly, I don’t know why the LA Galaxy fans were booing Beckham, the guy just wants to play at the highest level so he can play for his country in the World Cup. And Beckham always shows up to play when he suits up for the Galaxy. It wouldn’t be as exciting if he weren’t playing in the MLS. He makes players better and other teams want to beat LA that much more. He has up the ante at LA and in the MLS.

Really, the fans should be happy he came back. And yes, he is making a ton of money, but so are some other big names players in the MLS, and some have done a lot worse.

A long ball by Beckham to Landon who one times the ball to Gordon who one times the ball into the net. A very pretty goal in any league.


What did Leonardo, the new AC Milan head coach have to say about David Beckham:

“We would be happy if he came back because he did really well. He’s incredible,” Leonardo said. “The precision he has is something very, very special. He never missed the ball. He controlled the ball. The way the Galaxy plays is very, very important. They see that every ball begins with him.”

“If it’s possible, I think it could be a very good thing for us,” Leonardo said about getting Beckham back. “He knows everyone. Everyone loves him in our club.”

Which is something I don’t think a lot of people get, that Beckham plays the game at a very high level. He pings the ball around at pace – playing hard, crisp passes, which is contagious to his teammates. They then play the ball faster and move the ball quicker. His play translate across the league, as other teams play against him.

Sure, Beckham is a bit of a circus, which his underwear ads and his wife Victoria, but he I think really does want to help U.S. soccer and the MLS get better. It’s just not going to happen with just him or over night. The MLS has added some strong designated players in the past few years, Schelotto, Blanco, Angel, and I’d Beckham to that list.

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