Gareth Bale’s First Two Touches for LAFC

Bale first touches: Imagine being a defending the MLS having to face Gareth Bale. He’s got speed and strength and experience. He’s been whistled at by his own fans despite scoring a bicycle kick in the Champions League final and running past a Barcelona defender after going out of bounds. I’m just wondering what defenders think about having to face Bale.

Are they concerned about becoming part of a video clip of Bale doing the something brilliant and embarrassing for them. Surely there’s some fear when they step on the field and see just how big and strong he is. While he’s 33 years of age he hasn’t lost a step yet and is getting ready to play in the World Cup for Wales.

Here are Bale’s first two touches of the soccer ball for LAFC in what’s a sample of what’s to come for opposing teams that have to face Bale. Hope to see LAFC owner Will Ferrell and Bale interact soon – more cowbell! Bale’s first touches for LAFC include a clever volley pass to Carlos Vela and a back heel pass down the line. All done like nothing. Bale even seems to be chewing gum as he enters the game.

LAFC were victorious in Giorgio Chiellini and Gareth Bale’s Major League Soccer debuts. Cristian “Chicho” Arango opened the scoring for LAFC before Hany Mukhtar converted from the spot late in the first half for the hosts. Bale was subbed on with 20 minutes to go in the victory after Jose Cifuentes’ game-winning goal.