Genius No Look Passes in Soccer

No look passes in soccer: The art of the no look pass in soccer. Yes, other soccer players try to pull off the no look pass but nobody does it better than Ronaldinho. Surely it was Ronaldinho who was the first to do the no look pass in a real football match. Everyone else seems a bit stiff when they’re trying to do a no look pass. Sure, Cristiano Ronaldo does the no look pass perfectly fine and well but it’s just missing that Ginga. Then there are the back heel passes and blind heel passes.

Guti of Real Madrid pulls off two incredible blind back heel passes that should be in the football hall of fame of passes. It’s known as the Heel of God. Neymar too has been know to do a solid no look pass too. There’s an art to the no look pass. A genius to the no look pass that only a few top soccer players can do.

You want more of a purpose behind the no look pass. A timing. A reason. A teammate running down the line that only you see, not just a soccer trick just to show off. Yet Neymar does the no look with such style. It’s almost like he’s practicing the no look pass so he can pull this magic trick out when it’s more useful in a congested area of the goal box.

We prepared the passes and assists for the goals scored without looking. Some of the best no look passes in the game from some of the best players in the game.

No look passes from the world’s best footballers: Cristiano Ronaldo, Roberto Firmino, Thiery Henry, Paul Pogba, Neymar JR, Coutinho, Jovic, Ronaldinho, Alexis Sanchez, Robert Lewandowski, Marcelo, Neur, Antoine Griezman, Ricardo Quaresma, Dani Alves, Masut Özıl, İcardi, Kylian Mbappe, Tomas Müller.