Romelu Lukaku Speaks Eight Different Languages

How many languages can you speak? One, maybe two or three.  A bit of broken Spanish. Well, Inter Milan forward Romelu Lukaku speaks eight different languages. Yes, that’s right, eight different languages. No translator needed if he’s playing in Spain, England, Italy, Germany and so on. Lukaku speaks the most languages in all of world football.

Here’s the list of languages Romelu Lukaku now speaks: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Lingala, a Congolese dialect of Swahili, and Italian.

The former Manchester United forward Romelu Lukaku let Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks take a tour of his Greater Manchester house. This reminded me of the old MTV Cribs show, touring the house of a rock star or rapper. But what jumps out is talk about how many languages that Lukaku speaks – which is seven in the video below but since then he has learned Italian while playing for Inter Milan. Recently he said this about learning Italian.

“It’s important for me as a player that they understand me perfectly. How I want the ball. Where I want the ball. In front of the defender, beside the defender, behind the defender.

“I have to know those exact words in Italian because the subtleties are different in every language. There’s no substitute for that.”