Steven Gerrard Loves Phil Collins

Steven Gerrard just wanted to hear a few Phil Collins songs but someone wouldn’t let his friends play them…so there was a bar fight I guess.

What’s wrong with a wanting to hear a little Phil Collins or Genesis now again? Phil Collins must be sitting somewhere in his living room laughing about this, or at least flattered, unless he’s not a Liverpool fan.

And we haven’t even begun to deal with that exacerbating circumstance, Mr Gerrard’s deep love and veneration of the music of Phil Collins and the suspicion, unspoken so far, that he may have requested the unfortunate DJ to have played In The Air Tonight or some other noisome sliver of Mr Collins’s vapid 1980s bombast.

Hell, sure, it is a tough time for Steven Gerrard right now, but it is probably a rather tougher time for the alleged victim, what with those four stitches in his forehead and the fact that, according to several reports, he is a Manchester City supporter.

Why would someone get into a fight over a song? Well, if you’ve just scored two goals and your team is tops in the English Premier League, you probably expect to get whatever it is you want. And if the DJ doesn’t want to play your song, and maybe makes a snide remark about your talent or your wife, fists will come out and be thrown. At least that’s how they do it in England.

Thankfully the English have more stringent gun laws than here in the United States. Shots fired over Phil Collins, that’s too much. It’s like someone shooting himself in the leg at a night club.

But what if Gerrard really wanted to hear the Tupac remix of Phil Collins, would that make the situation at Lounge Inn in Southport any better? Would your respect for Gerrard remain strong?

There’s no question that Steven Gerrard is an incredible player. And the bust up and arrest didn’t stop him from helping Liverpool run past Preston 2-0 in the FA Cup:

“Steven is a top professional and he produced a terrific performance out there,” said former Liverpool and England midfielder Lee. “He is a model professional and he certainly has our full support.

And, when Gerrard scores goals like theses, it’s hard not to like him, whether he was fighting over a Phil Collins song request or a Phil Collins remix.

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