Nike Ginga – Cast of Characters

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Nike Ginga Cast of Characters

Beauty. Heart. Skill. Weapons to Live By. Ginga: The Movie from Nike Soccer.

Brazilian football has always had a magical quality and a romance associated with it. As well as helping them win the World Cup a record five times, it is what makes Brazil everybody’s favorite team after their own country. But what sets Brazil and its football apart from the rest? A new film – entitled Ginga: The Soul of Brazilian Football – has been created to explore this influence on football and life in Brazil.

Take a look at the characters in Ginga, a few of whom will be familiar to you and a few who won’t…

The charismatic and talented Romarinho is from the largest favela in Rio, Rocinha. His skills have brought him fame and respect on the backstreets of the favela, and the film traces his desire to achieve his dream of professional football as he tries out with Flamengo FC.

Wescley’s is a tragically ironic story: He possesses the natural physical strength and size that coaches throughout the film is pre mandatory to become a pro player and was well on his way to making it when he lost his leg in an accident. A handsome, charismatic figure, he shows us the infrastructure of the handicapped players association and displays true Ginga in his continued love of football. Wescley only has one leg, but he doesn’t need pity. He needs a bigger trophy cabinet.

Ginga Paula Ceasar
From the Sao Paulo favelas, Paulo Caesar’s family has barely enough money for food and counts on Paulo’s success to save them. He has had trials with many clubs but despite his and his family’s faith that God will help him, he has yet to make it past the trial stages. The film charts his attempt to win over the coaches at Portuguesa FC.

Through Celso’s story we get an insight into the beautiful and exotic Amazon region where his team’s training must make the most of the natural obstacles on offer. His story includes an insight into the eccentric Peladao tournament: The largest amateur tournament in the world, this runs every weekend for five months. Each team is represented by a beauty queen who can win a losing team a place back in the tournament by winning a beauty pageant.

From a more privileged environment than the film’s other characters, Sergio goes to a private school and lives in a modern apartment. The film shows how he uses his talent to connect with his less fortunate teammates and rise above the “rich boy” label by proving himself on the football and futsal pitches pitch.

One of the best known Futsal players in Brazil (he was named World Futsal Player of the Year in 2004); the incredibly talented Falcao introduces the game of futsal and shows how it influences the Brazilian style of football.

Robinho is living the dream of all the other characters. A successful Pro (now with Real Madrid, but playing at Santos at the time the film was made, his story provides an insight into the journey made by only a few of the millions of people who play football in Brazil.

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