Greatest Soccer Juggle Goals of All Time

Soccer juggle goals: What’s one of the greatest ways to score in soccer: on the juggle. There’s just something about scoring a goal on the juggle before the ball hits the ground. Plus, scoring on the juggle catches the keeper off guard – it’s the unexpected and surprise which doesn’t give them time to react.

This happens when a soccer player juggles the ball a few times to avoid a defender or just juggles a few times to put themselves in a better position to score and then strikes the ball past the keeper. And these days, in the modern game, players are warming up by passing the ball on the juggle from forty yards away!

It doesn’t happen very often, since usually you want to control the ball on the ground as fast as possible. But sometimes the ball comes to you in the air and it just feels right – it flows – so you juggle the ball a few times and then smack the ball out of the air or after it bounces. And that’s exactly what happened in the goals below. What you come away with are some of the best soccer juggle goals ever scored.

Maicon for Inter Milan

The Brazilian Maicon defender shows you just how important juggling the ball can be when the ball pops out to you off a corner kick. Notice how he doesn’t rush this shot, but takes his time to make sure he can strike the ball just right. Just one example of one of the greatest soccer juggle goals and from a defender no less.

Yeboah for Leeds United

When they say, “smashed the ball into the back of the net”, I think this is what they really mean. Yeboah destroys the soccer ball after take couple touches with his thigh. The defenders and the goalkeeper were smart not to risk injuring themselves by trying to block this shot or get in the way.

Dennis Bergkamp for Arsenal

Quick question: Would you rather have Thierry Henry on your team or Dennis Bergkamp? Yeah, tough one to answer as they both are Arsenal legends. Here though is just an amazing goal by the Dutchman, as he makes the defender look like quite the fool in three touches of the ball. Not too bad of a pass by David Platt either.

Darlington Nagbe for Portland Timbers

Are you surprised there’s a goal from the United States professional soccer league, the MLS? Well, this goal by Darlington Nagbe would be a goal of the year candidate in any league in the world. Two calm juggles to set himself up and then the ball is past the keeper before he even knows it. No wonder Nagbe’s juggle volley was the MLS goal of the year in 2011.

Marama Vahirua for Monaco

Marama Vahirua, a forward from the island in the middle of the ocean, Tahiti, takes the ball out of the air with his back to the goal, juggles the ball a few times, turns, and volleys the ball past the keeper. Surely one of the greatest soccer juggle goals scored by a Monaco player.

Ronaldo for Portugal

Yeah, maybe this goal doesn’t deserve to be on this list since it wasn’t done on purpose. However, it’s such a strange bounce of the ball that it warrants a mention and if Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t on the list he might cry. And who said that old control the ball on the back of your neck trick wasn’t going to come in handy during a game? Yes, this obviously wasn’t planned by Cristiano Ronaldo, but a goal is a goal, even if it rolls off your back and you pass it into the net with the inside of your foot.

Any soccer juggle goals that we are missing? Which one of these soccer juggle goals was your favorite?