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The one time Chelsea fulback, now on loan to Portsmouth, scores a goal of the highest quality. He rushes to meet the ball and takes it on his chest and before it hits the ground he smashes the ball into the upper corner.

However, this isn’t the first time he’s scored a quality goal though, while at Chelsea he scored a goal worthy of Henry.

The goal comes about half way through the video below.

From the Independent, on Glen Johnson’s confidence boost since playing in the England squad:

Defoe took his place in the stands at Fratton Park while the right-back Johnson stepped into the spotlight to produce a goal of stunning quality, with his weaker left foot. It would have won the game had Hull not answered with what Johnson described as a "filthy" equaliser after 89 minutes.

"I’m delighted that he’s playing for his country, and sometimes when you come back you still have a bit of a buzz," said Adams. "He’s been fantastic for Portsmouth. It’s great that he’s around the England team and sometimes when you come back you have that ‘I’ve played for my country, I’m doing all right’."

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