Goal Saving Clearances

The best goal saving clearances of all-time. More often than not, all the glory goes to the goal scorers. And rightly so, they’re usually the ones who score those game winning goals time and time again. But what about those soccer players who put themselves in harms way (taking a ball to the face), dive to reach the ball, sacrifice their bodies to block a shot, or contort and twist to prevent a goal. Why not give them more credit? Players who stop goals and make those last ditch clearances should get some kind of reward.

Check out the videos below.

They’re not scoring goals, so their efforts might not be deemed as stylish. Their efforts are met more with a hush than a roar of the crowd. There’s no ensuing goal saving celebration. They don’t get on the front page of the paper, but their efforts are often full of more heart and guts – theirs is the humble just doing my job celebration. No disrobing or thumb sucking, just a look of satisfaction. Their efforts are called upon from a defensive break down, rather a team’s quick counter attack. Their efforts come from turning bad into good rather than good into better.

Plus, goal scorers have their goals featured as goals of the week and even goals of the year. You’d don’t often hear about the goal line saves, many times they’re skipped over in the short highlight reels that many local news shows allow. They talk about Ronaldinho’s game winning free kick, but not about how Pujol lunged to block a shot on the goal line. The only time you hear about a save of the week or save of the year is when you’re talking about goalkeepers. However, we’ve put together a list of some of the most courageous goal saving clearances in football – and a few will go down as classics.

Steve Cherundolo for Hannover

The race back is a long ways – does he make it. The American playing in Germany just won over the whole of the Hannover fans with this effort. No wonder he’s been captain of the side from time to time.

John Terry for England

Just enough – can he reach it. Speaking of captains, Terry is the shining example of a captain doing more with actions than words sometimes. Nobody wanted to have him be the one who missed the penalty kick in the Champions League final, just because he’s become the heart and soul his club and country. He’s a hard worker not a show off.

John Terry for Chelsea

Twist your head and react as fast as you can – especially when you’re playing against your arch rivals. John Terry is on the list twice, just shows you the guy is full of determination and always digging deep for his side. This year will be one of the best EPL challenges in some time, as Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, and now Tottenham are loaded with new talent. I’m guessing Terry will have at least one goal line clearance this year.

Alan Shearer for Newcastle

He’s a legendary goal scorer. How does he do when he’s standing on the goal line? Shearer was never afraid of doing the dirty work, never afraid of doing whatever it took to win a game. Whether that was surprisingly out jumping a defender for a head ball, or blocking a shot on the goal line as he does below.