Goalkeeper Blunders

Goalkeeper blunders these days usually involve a bad pass to the keeper that goes awry. Keepers in the modern game have to be adept both with their feet and their hands! Let’s look at some of the worst mistakes or blunders goalkeepers have made trying to keep the ball out of their own net.

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This video starts out with Oliver Kahn coming up on a corner kick and punching the ball into the net with his fists. He gets a yellow card, but I like his effort and intensity. He’ll score a goal anyway he can.

And this goalkeeper blunder just makes you feel sad for him. Haiti goalkeeper Josue Duverger misses the ball twice and mis-kicks into his own net against as he concedes against Canada.

The goalkeeper carries a massive amount of responsibility on the pitch, and the Bundesliga has seen some amazing goalkeeping throughout its history. It’s also seen its share of mistakes. Enjoy the top 10 examples of uncoordinated keepers! Take a look at the clips below.