Goalkeeper Drill: Kick & Save

Update: Take a look at the Coerver Goalkeeping Essentials DVD.

Mike Toshack, the Houston Dynamo goalkeeping coach gives an insight on how to setup a keeper drill to get them ready for a game. This focus on the kick and then making a save.

“I made a goal about four yard wide, and that forms a small goal from the one disc cone and the actual post of the goal. What I did was have them play a small pass back with their feet, and then just quickly get into that small goal, second goal, for the shot. The shots that I gave them are volleys, soccer balls that move a lot in the air, balls that dip. I just tried to give them a different look, to give them a feel of what they might see in the match.”

In the modern game of soccer, the keeper has to be confident with both his feet and his hands.

Key aspects of the drill this kick and save drill:

  • Place two cones 5 yards in front of goal, 4 yards apart
  • Move quickly between goals
  • Keep hands and head steady
  • Get in good set position and react to the ball