The Greatest First Touch of All Time

If you want to play soccer at the professional level then your first touch on the soccer ball has to be perfect. How do you improve your first touch? Simply by spending time with the soccer ball on your own, juggling or knocking it against the wall, it is only through practice and working on your skills will you improve your first touch.

Who has the greatest first touch in soccer of all time? Was it Zidane’s touch where he does a behind his back like Cruyff turn or was it Berbatov, who just makes the ball die right at his feet? Or was it once of the numerous examples of perfect first touches by Ronaldinho or Messi? Tough to choose, take a look at the videos of some of great first touches in soccer below.

Zidane while playing for France.

Zidane takes a throw from his keeper and beats the defender with one move. Zidane essentially does a Cruyff turn off a long throw from his keeper. Amazing first touch.

Berbatov when he played for Manchester United.

Is there a player smoother than Berbatov? Probably not. He plays the game like he’s half asleep at times – as though it’s just too easy for him.

Lionel Messi. The greatest player of all time.

Same goes for Messi, his first touch is amazing and there’s tons of times he showed just how good his touch on the ball is.

Neymar uses his heel to control the ball.

The Brazilian has an effective but unorthodox first touch here in this video. Notice how he controls the ball ahead and into the the space.