Grid Play 1 Versus 1

Field size: half field

Number of players: full team, with two players in each grid

Age range: 10-12

Description: Setup four different sections or grids in a long field about ten yards wide and sixty yards long.  Play 1 versus 1 in each grid and work to play the ball to your teammate in the next grid. 

Players can play backwards but the goal is to move the ball from one grid to the next. 

Later, try this same drill playing 2 versus 2 or 2 versus 1 in each grid. 

Split up into two teams and the first team to move the ball from one end to the next gets a point.  Team that scores keeps the ball and goes in the other direction.  Start out with the defensive team playing passive defense or at 50% or 75% level until players get the hang of the drill.

In this drill, players should work on shielding the ball, breaking free from their marker, and playing angled passes. Playing an angled pass gives the attacker a better chance to turn and see what options he or she has ahead of them. It’s also harder for a defender to mark an attacker when he or she checks back to the ball at an angle.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.