Grid Play Three Versus Two & One Versus One

Field size: 40 yards by 30 yards

Number of players: full team; two groups with 7 players working in a group

Age range: 14-16

Description: Three versus two in one grid serving the ball to a forward who is being guarded by a defender (One versus one) in the attacking third/grid.

Work on the timing of the passes and checking back to receive the ball.  The forward needs to read the play and time his or her run.  The forward has to check back to the ball at speed and the defenders who are making the pass have to get their heads up to see when the forward is open. 

Defenders go all out to close down the space and rotate out after a few plays so they can play high-pressure the whole time.  Play with two small goals at the corners for the forward to try to score on or play a possession game. Put a restriction on the group of three, saying they have to complete five passes before they can play the ball into the forward. The forward can lay the ball back and turn to get open again if the defenders is too close and her or she can’t turn.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.