Guinness World Records for Soccer

What are some of the Guinness World Records in soccer? Below are some of the most interesting Guinness world records for soccer / football. Some of these are pretty unique and useful for you as a soccer player to try to top. For instance, in the modern game goalkeepers have to be skillful on the soccer ball and be able to make long pinpoint passes to teammates. Or juggling skills, which are part of the game more than one might think.

If you’re a goalkeeper, how far can you kick the ball when the ball is played back to you and is moving or when it’s stopped? And as a field player, touch and control on the soccer ball is crucial. How many times can you juggle the ball while you’re moving? See if you can beat some of these Guinness world records in their soccer / football edition.

Nutmegs – Guinness World Records Soccer

Spurs star Dele Alli attempts to break nutmeg world record – Guinness World Records. As far as nutmegging the most players overall in his career, you’d have to say Messi holds that record.

Juggling – Guinness World Records

Martinho Eduardo Orige (Brazil) juggled a regulation soccer ball for 19 hr 30 min non-stop with feet, legs and head without the ball ever touching the ground at Padre Ezio Julli Gym in Ararangua, Brazil on August 2-3 2003.

Heading – Guinness World Records

The longest time heading a football without it dropping is 8 hr 32 min 3 sec by Tomas Lundman (Sweden) at the Gangsatrahallen, Lidingo, Sweden, on February 27, 2004.

Longest Drop Kick – Guinness World Records

Ederson Moraes: Longest football drop kick.

More Guinness World Records in Soccer

Most Touches – Ball in the Air (1 minute)

The most touches of a football in one minute, by a female, whilst keeping the ball in the air is 269 by Tasha-Nicole Terani (USA) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on September 4, 2003.

Most Touches – Ball in the Air (30 seconds)

The most touches of a football in 30 seconds, while keeping the ball in the air, is 147 by Tim Crowe (USA) at Plum Grove Junior High, Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA, on February 23, 2005.

Most Touches – Ball in the Air (Head only)

The most touches of a football in one minute, using only the head, while keeping the ball in the air, is 319 by Erick Hernandez (Cuba) at La Giraldilla, Havana, Cuba on December 11, 2004.

Tomas Lundman World Juggling Champion

Freestyle Guinness World Record

This record is pretty odd – chest control record.

DC Freestyle attempts to break the Guinness World Record for the longest time controlling a soccer ball on his chest!

There should be some Guinness world records in soccer for Coerver moves with the ball.