Gundogan Free Kick Versus Swindon

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Gundogan Free Kick

Manchester City’s gives the goalkeeper no chance with his free kick putting City up by 3. I really didn’t know Gundogan had it in him, scoring a free kick like this. Instead of crossing the ball Gundogan bends the ball around the outside of the wall. Yeah, the player Swindon has lying on the ground the wall really wasn’t a help. It’s a free kick Beckham would be proud of having scored!

The Gundogan free kick is really unique. Don’t see this happen too often, whipping the ball around the outside of the wall. The ball drops perfectly into the bottom corner. Maybe next time the Swindon player on the ground will stick his foot out further or stand up on the outside of the wall!

I guess the question for Manchester City and Pep Guardiola is are any of this City teams better than some of his Barcelona teams?

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