Heung-min Son Free Kick Versus Chile

Heung-min Son free kick: A player from Chile lies down behind the wall. And then two South Korean players sit near the wall on bent knee. Meanwhile, Heung-min steps and whips the ball into the upper corner. That’s a lot happening in the wall as far as players lying down and two South Korean players on bent knee who actually bend down just for Son strikes the ball.

Not sure why they don’t just stand up near the wall and then move or duck out of the way. Pretty soon we’ll see a player up on top of another players shoulders to block the free kick. Remember, PSG even had Messi lying down behind the wall!

See it here: The golden boot winner of the English Premier League in 2022 Heung min Son scores with a rocket free kick against Chile in a friendly match.

Here are a few more pictures of the Son free kick versus Chile.