Hakimi Panenka Penalty Kick

Hakimi panenka puts Morocco through to the quarterfinals where they will face Portugal. As far as a gutsy penalty kicks go, this panenka as to be up near the top.

When Hakimi stepped up to take his penalty kick he could win the game for Morocco if he scored. To go with the chip down the middle in this situation takes some confidence.

While it’s not on Zidane’s level, where he scored from the spot with a panenka in the World Cup final, it’s brave and confident penalty kick by the Paris Saint-Germain defender.

Hakimi was actually born in Madrid and played in the Real Madrid’s academy growing up. He could have played for Spain but chose to represent his parental country, Morocco. His mother worked as a house cleaner in Spain and his father as a street vendor.

Watch as Hakimi scores a panenka to kick Spain out of the World Cup in Qatar. Talk about a calm and cool penalty kick, this is it. Perhaps it’s good to have a certain amount of intensity and focus when taking a penalty kick but also having some fun. Check out Hakimi’s celebratory dance afterwards.

It does seem like Spanish goalkeeper Unai Simon is almost diving the wrong way even before Hakimi strikes the ball.