Paul Scholes: Hand of God

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Scholes Hand of God
Two football players have pulled off a successful Hand of God goal, and both players happen to come from Argentina, Messi and Maradona. This time though an Englishmen with red hair, Paul Scholes, the little legend known for his passing ability and vision on the football field, tries to cleverly redirect the ball into the corner, but it’s a blatant slap of his very pale hand. Pretty obvious actually….not done with a skillful deception like Maradona.

The Scholes goal comes late in the game and late in the video from a corner kick. And Scholes gets a second yellow and is sent off. The Hand of Scholes comes at about the 2:15 mark in the video below. Yes, Scholes doesn’t quite have the vertical leap of say Cristiano Ronaldo to pull off the trick of a hand of God.

Zenit St. Petersburg won the UEFA Super Cup for the first time in their history after beating Manchester 2-1 in Monaco.

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