Messi Doesn’t Dive or Fall Down Like Everyone Else

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Messi Does Not Fall
There are a million reason to love the way Lionel Messi plays the game of soccer. And here’s yet another reason why Lionel Messi is the best soccer player in the world: he doesn’t dive. Moreover, Messi doesn’t even fall down or try to sucker the referee into giving out yellow cards. Watch how Messi fights off the defenders and keeps the ball. Really, shielding the soccer ball is an underrated soccer skill. Messi is a master at getting his body between the ball and defenders.

It looks like he’s going to lose the ball but throws his body in-between the defender and the ball and keeps possession.

Yes, besides all of his genius at dribbling and passing and scoring goals, Messi doesn’t try to cheat the game in any sense. He’s unique in today’s game where a lot of players would have just tried to draw the foul and be happy with that. I hope coaches of youth soccer teams try to instill this mentality in their players – keep fighting and don’t try to just draw fouls. In the long run you’ll get the benefit of the doubt from the referee if you play the game fairly. Take a look at the video below.

In case you need more evidence that Messi doesn’t dive or fall down when he’s fouled. See video of Messi below versus Napoli.

Messi scores BRILLIANT goal versus Napoli in the Champions League with his left foot as he’s falling down. Most players when they are bumped or pushed or are about to fall down in the box try to draw the referee into calling a penalty. Not Messi, he knows how to score goals when he’s falling down.

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