Head Catch Game

Head catch is a good way to have fun and warm up before soccer training. The head catch soccer drill is where you throw the ball to players and have them do the opposite of what you call out. So if you say head it they catch it and if you say catch it then they head it back to you. Again though, young soccer players really don’t have to head the ball that much in the early years of playing, it’s just not good for them to hit the ball with their head too much when they don’t need to.

This head catch game does get players ready and thinking on their feet to it doesn’t hurt to introduce it to the players and play if for a short amount of time. Try other variations of Simon Says type of games if you want to add in a little fun to your warm up drills or pre-practice routines. Don’t forget to do a few sessions of rondos though.

Watch this video to better understand the head catch game or reaction time game used in soccer.

Head Catch Exercise Objectives:

This soccer practice is structured to improve the technical ability of “Heading” with an emphasis on “quick reaction”.

Head Catch Game Coaching Pointers:

A group of players are positioned in a circle around the coach, using one ball. The coach serves a straight throw to the players in random order. As the coach serves the ball he shouts one of two commands “HEAD” or “CATCH”. If the coach shouts, “HEAD” – the player must do the opposite and catch the ball.If the coach shouts, “CATCH” – the player must do the opposite and head the ball.

The player receives a goal for every successfully performed header or catch. If the player heads the ball it must be headed back to the coaches hands, if they catch the ball he must then throw it back to the coach. A competition can also be played. When the player makes a mistake they are eliminated and sit on the ground. The last soccer player standing wins.