How to Defend Speedy Attackers

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How to defend against speedy attackers – in today’s video, we will teach you how to learn to defend against fast attackers by giving you five pieces of advice on how to defend on the pitch against a speedy player.

It’s not always easy to defend when your opponent is really fast, and if you want to learn how to improve your chances of defending well against the attacker, we have five great tips for you in today’s video, where our resident Finnish defending rock, Timo, will give you a few good pieces of advice on how to make sure you will always defend well against attackers with speed in order to not look stupid if they’re too fast to catch.

Also, remember to work closely together with the rest of the defending line.

Extra Defensive Guidelines in Soccer

1. It starts with one person pressuring the ball so the offensive player has to make a decision and can’t get his or her head up.

2. Then a cover person who lets the pressuring person know if her or she should try to win the ball.

3. Next, is an organized compact unit letting those ahead of them know where players are around them and which direction they should steer them so the unit can win the ball.

4. Know your opponents and what they like to do. For instance, if you were lucky enough to be marking Arjen Robben you would force him outside and on to his weaker right foot.

5. Communicate and let your teammates know if a player is running in behind them, if they need to step up, if they need to put more pressure on a player, if they can go in and win the ball since they have cover behind them if they get beat.

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