Zinchenko Lying Down Behind the Wall

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Zinchenko Lying Down Behind the Wall

It happened again. Players lying down behind the wall when a free kick is taken. It’s happening more and more. Remember, it all stared with Messi. I worry about a player taking a soccer ball right to the back of the head if the wall jumps. They won’t be ready for it. That would be painful. At least turn and face the shooter so you know what’s coming.

What’s more, poor Zinchenko wasn’t exactly in the right spot so he was lifted up and shifted more towards the end of the wall. Did Pep Guardiola designate Zinchenko as the player who’d have to lie down behind the wall versus Liverpool? Surely he did, unless they drew straws or played rock paper scissors.

And to make it even worse, Manchester City’s Ruben Dias hilariously drags Oleksandr Zinchenko along by the back of his head while he’s on the ground behind the wall.


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