How to Score When You’re Falling Down By Lionel Messi

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I don’t think Cristiano Ronaldo’s ever scored a goal when he’s falling down! Soon, “Messi falling down goal” will be a pretty common phrase punched in to YouTube. In the image above you can see Luis Suarez just staying out of the way. Suarez knows not to get in the way of an artist. Messi might be on the verge of falling down but he will still score.

And actually, to be more precise, Messi falls down once and then gets up and then falls down again as he’s shooting. Of course it so easy to stop Messi, just force him to use his right foot. Good luck with that.

Lionel Messi scores BRILLIANT goal versus Napoli in the Champions League with his left foot as he’s falling down. Most football players when they are bumped or pushed or are about to fall down in the box try to draw the referee into calling a penalty. Not Messi, he knows how to score goals when he’s falling down.

What’s strange or genius about this goal is you can see Messi looking for the shot before he’s about to go down. It’s like he realized if he sort of slid or fell he could slot the ball in between the defenders and score.

It’s really a shame there are no fans in the Camp Nou to see Messi’s latest genius.

Messi received the ball on the right-hand side from Suarez and tries to dribble his way past three Napoli defenders before picking out the far corner with a wonderful finish as he’s falling down!

Messi’s goal for Barca was just out of this world, as he showed off his balance, determination and skill with this outrageous goal in the first half to make it 2-0.

As only Messi could, the magician does it again. A masterclass in balance, precision, and skill, Messi makes multiple Napoli defenders look silly on his way to a Barcelona goal in the 2nd leg of the Round of 16 in Champions League play.

So who do you think was the man of the match? Yes, of course he was. I mean how many times wasn’t Messi the man of the match. I mean how many times has Messi not had a player rating in a match of at least 7.

Man of the match – Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

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