Romelu Lukaku Scores While Being Pulled Down

Using his strength and size Inter Milan forward Romelu Lukaku scores while falling down. Or, actually, I should say that Romelu Lukaku scores despite being pulled down or a defender trying to pull him down. Just the day before Lionel Messi scored a goal while he was falling down, so I guess Lukaku wanted to try to top Messi’s goal.

And this is some exceptional shielding ability too, by Lukaku, as he holds the soccer ball off from the defender. Shielding is an underrated skill in soccer! Yes, master all the Coerver skills but don’t sleep on shielding the ball.

Romelu Lukaku can speaks eight different languages but also weight room and shielding and goal scoring.

Some might say the defender needs to get in the weight room. Often a player will yell out “weight room” whenever someone throws off another player like they are not even there.

It’s interesting that Lukaku left Manchester United and has only been scoring goals since he arrived in Italy. It shows you sometimes a player just needs a new environment or team or coach to play under so he can regain his goal scoring touch. Remember this young players. Don’t get discouraged if you’re on the bench, just make the most of the chances you get. Confidence will return.

It’s Europa League history for Lukaku: Goals in 9 straight matches for Inter Milan.

Romelu Lukaku found the back of the net while simply overpowering his defender, helping Inter Milan double take a 2-0 lead in the EuropaLeague Quarterfinals over Leverkusen. Watch Romelu Lukaku score while being pulled down.