How to Play Like Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero was the youngest to ever play in the Argentina First Division when he debuted at age 15 for Independiente. Since then, Aguero has moved across the seas to Atletico Madrid and now Manchester City. Along the way he has won two U20 World Cups with his country and an Olympic gold medal. He is the prototypical striker: strong, fast and a deadly finisher. If you’re a striker, why wouldn’t you want to learn how play like he does?

Here’s a young Sergio Aguero scoring two goals for Independiente:

At Atletico Madrid, Sergio Aguero was able to link up with Uruguayan great, Diego Forlan, who taught him much in the art of forward play. The partnership they formed brought great success to the club in both the Spanish Premier League and a Europa Cup Championship in 2010. The current best player of the world, Lionel Messi, believes Aguero has, “immense power, strength, and an incredible work ethic.”

The keys to playing like Sergio Aguero:

  • Calm on the ball in the final third
  • Change of pace after beating a defender
  • Ready to strike with both feet at all times
  • Attacking the space and making good runs
  • Ability to cut the ball past defenders, inviting them to try to win the ball
  • Strong on the soccer ball, using his body to shield and protect it

Aguero made his mark on the international game when he was substituted into a 2010 World Cup match against South Korea. Remarkably, he managed to score a goal within one minute of being on the pitch. He has continued to be used as a super sub for Argentina and struck again in the 2011 Copa America when he scored against Bolivia after being on the field for five minutes. The goal gave Argentina a 1-1 draw.

The man sure knows how make an impact coming off of the bench! Now that he is with Manchester City in England, the player has been declared to be a better version of fellow Argentinean, Carlos Tevez, whom Aguero has basically replaced on the team.

Some people thought Sergio Aguero would struggle moving to the premiership. Those people were dead wrong. As of this writing, he currently sits atop the goal scoring chart in the EPL at 9 goals, tied with Wayne Rooney.

Oh and one more thing. He is currently the son in law of all time great, Diego Maradona, after marrying his youngest daughter. All this by age 23, not a bad start.

New. Sergio Aguero has now scored 200 goals for Manchester City. You’d have to say he is a pure goal scorer. A player how hovers around the box ready to pounce. He can score with both feet, his head, heel, thigh or his chest. Man City’s all time leading goal scorer surpassed the 200 goal milestone for the club in August 2018. Watch all 200 goals starting with a double in his debut against Swansea in 2011, to the 200th against Chelsea in the 2018 Community Shield.