How to Play Like Ryan Giggs

If you want to play like Ryan Giggs you’ll have to have your left boot dipped in gold or anointed with some magical powers so you can send in crosses and cut past defenders at will and whenever you feel like it. Or that would help a lot. But let’s learn how to play like Giggs, taking elements and skills from his game and add them to our own.

One thing that Giggs had while playing at Manchester United was the desire and ability to go at defenders, something they hate when attacking players do.

Keys to playing like Ryan Giggs:

  • Exceptional dribbling skills, can cut the ball inside and outside
  • Can read the game: know when to keep possession and know when to attack
  • Able to bend the ball with the left foot and pick players out with a cross
  • Change of pace
  • Switch the ball on the diagonal right to the players feet
  • Never gives up

How to Play Like Giggs

Ryan Giggs has balance, speed, durability, and just a willingness to keep going. Giggs always plays with his head up and if he makes a mistake, which believe it or not he does on that rare occasion, he’s right back up trying to make up for it in the next play – trying to win the game for Manchester United.

Giggs though is from the old school. He’s one of those professionals from years gone by, minus the short shorts, lack of shin guards, long sideburns, and wavy hair a la George Best.

He’s stayed at the same club, Manchester United, his entire career. He’s not one to be swayed by bright lights or the big pay days in Spain or Italy. And I’m sure he had plenty of offers. Why leave though when you’re winning trophies and playing at one of the best clubs in the world?

For Giggs, it’s all about winning trophies. And now, at 35 years old, he’s still playing some of the best football of his career and still winning.

What sets Giggs apart from others though is the ability to create goal scoring chances for himself and others. He can dribble past players to score himself or to setup a teammate. But Giggs is not just a dribbler, he can pass, shoot and cross the ball. Yes, Giggs favors his left foot, will do everything to not play with his right foot, but when you have a left foot as good as Giggs’ then who needs another foot to play with.

Overall, Giggs is a calming influencing on the pitch. This being a common theme among great players. They want the ball and make players around them better. Giggs had a perfect first tough and therefore could settle the ball down and enable his team to maintain possession.

Giggs wants the ball all the time. He’s not afraid to take the ball in those difficult stretches of the game and in difficult parts of the field, surrounded by defenders. Rather, he seeks the ball out and when his team is losing he’ll lift the players around him to play better. He demands it.