How to Take a Free Kick Like Cristiano Ronaldo

How do you score goals from free kicks like Cristiano Ronaldo? Let’s learn how. Otherwise known as the Cristiano Ronaldo rocket shot or knuckle ball, the Cristiano Ronaldo free kick is something that all soccer players wish they could do. Below is the CR7 free kick step by step guide:

Whenever Ronaldo steps up to take free kick the opposing goalkeeper takes a deep breath, as time and time again he rips the ball into the upper corner with a crazy knuckle ball like spin like hard for the keeper to read and judge.

How does Cristiano Ronaldo strike the ball like that? Follow the steps listed below and outlined in the video below if you want to take a free kick like Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

1) Hit the ball on the valve – hardest part of the ball where you put the air into it
2) Step near the ball to make a divot when you place the ball down
3) Stand directly behind the ball where you want the ball to go
4) Hit the ball with the laces (through the valve area of the ball)
5) Keep your knee down and over the ball
6) No back lift – don’t follow through and land on the shooting foot, just strike through the ball

And what you love about a soccer player like Cristiano Ronaldo is he’s always trying to get better and improve his game. Yes, even Cristiano Ronaldo stays after training to work on his free kicks or different skills on the ball he’s trying to perfect.

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And that’s why Ronaldo is such an amazing player – he’s always trying to get better. He’s never satisfied. There’s always a part of his game that he wants to improve. Which is amazing since he’s already the best player in the world – well, him or Messi that is. But Cristiano worked on his game from the time he was at Manchester United all through playing for Real Madrid and now Juventus. Every year he only seemed to get better and better. And he always scored goals, which is what is the most valuable thing for another player.