Ibrahimovic Kicking All of His Teammates

Amazing Zlatan can get his leg up so high. In honor of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s amazing bicycle kick the other day, we look back at some of his other amazing kicks – at his own teammates. Antonio Cassano gets the worst of it, as Ibrahimovic kicks him right in the head, and pretty hard at that. The music is perfect that goes along with this video of Zlatan kicking teammates.

If you’re as good as soccer player as Ibrahimovic I guess you can get away with it. If Ibrahimovic doesn’t kick you that means he doesn’t like you that much…it’s his way of showing affection! And he also loves to push teammates out of the way when he thinks he needs to.

Might have to click over to YouTube to watch Ibrahimovic kicking everyone he plays with.

The only player who dared to kick Zlatan Ibrahimović – Oh My Goal

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is football’s resident bad boy. No one can stand in his way! He’s made a fool of his opponents, his managers, his fans… even his own teammates! Understandably, most people around the world are intimidated by the imposing Swede. But there’s one player who isn’t fazed by Zlatan’s larger than life personality. In fact, he’s the only player who has ever dared to kick King Zlatan…