Zlatan Ibrahimovic Shoves Sebastian Lletget Out of the Wall!

LA Galaxy forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic is known for being a bit arrogant and hard on his teammates. Ibrahimovic is a competitor. He just wants to win. But yelling at teammates and or shoving them out of the way might not be the best way to help your team in the long run.

And certainly some soccer players react differently than others when they are yelled at on the soccer field. Some players need more encouragement or support, yes, even at the pro level.

This is not how you treat your own teammate. Zlatan Ibrahimovic shoves his own teammate Sebastian Lletget out of the wall!

Lletget talked about this on a podcast recently – wasn’t a fond memory. Lletget talks more about the impact Ibrahimovic had on the team and how they might have played more tentative with him on the pitch. Lletget did say he appreciated Zlatan’s desire to win but at times had a hard time playing with him. With Ibra gone from the Galaxy there’s a more relaxed feeling now.

“There’s definitely a better feel around the place for sure,” Lletget said on BSI: The Podcast. “As far as chemistry, that’s only going to build with time.”

“You feel like you want to literally take your boots off and just walk off the field. It’s tough to play against him and tougher to play with him.”

Talking about being shoved in the wall by Ibrahimovic, Lletget said this:

“That to me is complete insanity to do that to one of your team-mates — complete insanity. It’s one of those moments I think he shows his true colors.”

I wonder if Ibrahimovic will respond to what Lletget has said.

So far though, new signing Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez hasn’t surpassed the scoring ability that Ibra showed during his time with the Galaxy.