Is Cristiano REALLY a Better Goalscorer than Messi?

The Cristiano Ronaldo versus Leo Messi debate is an endless one but some points are already agreed on, like Cristiano Ronaldo being a better striker and Leo Messi being a more magical player, right? Wrong. A deeply interesting thread posted on Twitter raises the idea that Leo Messi is a better goal scorer than Cristiano Ronaldo, and we’re going to look at it in depth!

What is truly incredible though is we get to watch both these once in a generation football players compete against one another. But let’s look at who the ultimate goalscorer is, Cristiano or Messi.

Messi’s Maradona dribbling run is surely his greatest goal, what’s Cristiano’s? I think you’d have to say that Cristiano’s best goal ever is his bicycle kick goal against Juventus. Certainly the number of game winning goals is a crucial stat between the two players to determine who’s the ultimate goal scorer.