Three Japanese Soccer Stars Versus 100 Children

How can three soccer players beat 100? Check out how these three Japanese international soccer stars try to take on 100 school children. It looks like a mob of ants or insects descending on the three pros at first. I bet Son Heung-Min could just dribble through all 100 kids…

It does look like the Japanese kids had to stay in their zones so to speak. Like when one of the adult Japanese soccer players gets past a certain area the children can’t all go into that zone like zombies and attack the ball – they have to stay back. So it’s almost like 30 or so kids against three in each area. This is sort of what bumblebee soccer looks like….but on defense. It’s a 30-30-30-10 formation.

But still, takes some soccer skill and cleverness to keep the ball from all the rushing kids. I guess the kids should all spread out and not try to attack the ball, just maybe a few at a time.

Perhaps what’s really not fair is how there are ten goalkeepers! And then can all use their hands….?

100 kids against 3 Japanese Pro Footballers.

Update: The three Japanese soccer stars in the video above are: Yosuke Ideguchi, HiroshiKiyotake, and Yotaru Yamaguchi.