Son Heung-Min’s Dribbling Length of Field Goal

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Son Goal

Son Heung-Min’s goal versus Burnley showed just how fast and confident he is playing for Tottenham Hotspurs. The South Korean star pulled off a Messi and Maradona like dribbling goal beating 8 defenders, covering 91 yards and in just 11.6 seconds. Who’s the greatest Asian soccer player to ever play the game. It might just be Son Henug-Min. I’m sure all soccer fans in South Korea are proud of this Son goal.

Usain Bolt, although a Manchester United supporter I believe, would be proud. Son Henug-Min left nearly the entire Burley team in his wake as he charged up the field to score. This goal by Son is certainly now a contender for goal of the year in the English Premier League. I think youth soccer players should practice this. Why not try to teach players how to dribble up the field at pace and take on the entire team. Yes, it’s rare that players can pull it off but it also shows them how to play soccer with confidence.

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Here’s what Son said about his amazing dribbling run goal.

“I saw Dele (Alli) running on the left side, and many Burnley players,” Son said. I tried to pass first of all to Dele, because he was open but then one of their players followed him so he wasn’t open any more. Then I was just thinking ‘should I go?’, and I put my booster on. I took the right timing to the booster on. Then in two or three seconds I was in front of the goal and I was really surprised. This kind of goal, especially at home, it makes me so proud and happy. It’s amazing.”

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