Jesús Navas Anxiety Disorder

Jesús Navas Anxiety Disorder

Fortunately for Spain, Jesus Navas has overcome his anxiety about leaving his hometown of Seville, and was able to play in the 2010 World Cup. However, even his entrance into the match versus Switzerland, although game changing, was not enough for them to pull out the win or at least a draw. Navas has struggled and suffered with anxiety and panic attacks, so much so that he refused to leave Seville and join Chelsea, citing his anxiety.

The 23-year-old’s anxiety disorder has prevented from playing for La Furia Roja before now and has also meant that his club have not had to worry about his desire to join one of Europe’s major clubs.

Now though, Navas is undergoing counselling to try and help him cope with his fear of being away from his home and family for too long and he believes the therapy is slowly working.

"It would be the best thing ever to play for Spain, but I have to remain calm," he told Marca.

"I am doing well and am better although I do have to stay relaxed. I am coping with things step-by-step and that is what I have to continue to do.

"Going to join the national team is the maximum for any player, but I must take my time."

Everyone is chasing Navas, from Chelsea to Liverpool to Real Madrid; they all want to sign him. Before, he had trouble leaving Seville to play in games, but after counseling and therapy, it appears like he’s now ready to take the stop not just to play for his national team on a regular basis but sign with a big time club.

He has been named captain of Seville for at least one game, not sure if he is the regular captain or not. But this says a lot about what he means to the team and the improvements he’s made with his anxiety.

The irony is that Jesus Navas comes from a Gypsy ancestry, a group of people known for traveling from one place to another – a wandering race, and sadly persecuted, which might be why they moved from one place to the other.

It’s an amazing story really. To think that a player was so afraid to leave his town and his family, yet could play so wonderfully in front of thousands people.

Let’s just hope Spain are able to find their scoring touch and make strides in this World Cup. If they do, I’m sure Navas will play a big part in it. He glides along with the ball and darts one way and then the other. He’s a constant threat down the line, and just what Spain need to keep teams honest at the back.

Here are a few goals from Jesus Navas.