How Many Times Can You Juggle a Tennis Ball?

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Juggling a Tennis Ball
These days, while working your skills at home, why not try to challenge yourself a bit more and juggle a tennis ball. Then, when a soccer ball is flying to you in the air you can juggle it like Dennis Bergkamp and score. Watch as Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson do battle to see who can juggle the tennis ball the most. It’s a good old keepy uppy challenge but of course much harder with a tennis ball.

Juggling Tennis Ball

Henderson ends up winning the challenge with a score of 148 and he could have done even more, as he tried to pull off a trick at the end. Once you can juggle a tennis ball with ease then juggling the soccer ball is that much easier!

Chamberlain ends up with 136. How many times can you juggle a tennis ball? Once you start working with a tennis ball or a smaller say size three soccer ball then playing with a big regular soccer ball is just easy. Juggling the soccer ball though is an art, a skill that comes into play in real games when you least expect it.

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