Kylian Mbappé Super Sonic Speed

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Mbappe Speed

Remember that time that Kylian Mbappé blew past nearly the entire Argentina team in the World Cup? And in large part due to Mbappé’s speed, France would go on to win the World Cup.

Destroying speed you might call it. Here’s the video of Kylian Mbappé sprinting past the Argentina team. Sonic speed you might call it. It’s like Mbappé has access to another gear. He switches on to super speed mode like he’s in some kind of video game. Plus, Mbappé has super sonic speed with the soccer ball at his feet.

It’d be fun to see more soccer players trying to just blow past defenders with the soccer ball at their feet. Why not try to attack the space with ball when you have the chance! Race down the sideline with the ball. Make the defender foul you or try to slide and kick the ball out of bounds. And defenders hate when you run at them.

More incredible runs by Kylian Mbappé. Defenders don’t realize just how fast he is until it’s too late and he’s past them. One things for sure, don’t like the Paris Saint-Germain attacker pick up speed or momentum. It’s too late if he’s already starting to break away. You won’t catch him.

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