Craziest Short Range Free Kicks

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Inside Penalty Free Kicks

Let’s look how to score from short range free kicks, you know, when the free kick is really close to the goal and the other team packs everyone in the goal mouth to block the shot. When all of a sudden there are eleven goalkeepers on the other team…

It takes some planning to figure out how best to strike the ball. Do you try to hit it with power? Blast the ball so hard it will surely deflect off someone and go in. Do you try to place the ball in the upper corner? There’s also the right way to move the ball before you hit it, if the free kick is indirect then another player has to touch it before you can score. So how much do you move the ball to draw players out of the goal and to better angle your shot?

Let’s take a look at some of the crazier short range free kicks. These are some of the best goals from inside the penalty box. One of the best methods with this close range kicks is to fake like you’re going to play the ball to the free kick taker to draw the wall out of the goal.

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