Lionel Messi’s Signature Move

Messi’s signature move: Yes, if you see Messi charging at you with the ball at his feet, it’s wise to shuffle back and just try to slow him down. Don’t dive in. Don’t let him make you look silly. Try not to get nutmegged. See if you can at least stir him on to his right foot. Don’t let him get enough space to bend the ball into the back of the net with his left.

Don’t give up even though you’d probably like to when you see Messi charging at you on the dribble. Hold your ground. Don’t fail for his favorite and signature soccer move. Well, at least try not to. Remember, even great defenders have suffered from his ankle breaking moves. There was that time that Lionel Messi made Jerome Boateng fall down as he dribbled at him. It’s surprising that Boateng didn’t retire after this play.

What is Lionel Messi’s favorite or signature move? Messi loves to have the soccer ball on his favored left foot and to fake like he’s going to cut inside to his left but instead cuts the ball to the right and breaks free at speed. Sometimes he flicks the ball over to his right foot for a second while other times he keeps the ball on his left but goes to the right. Ideally, Messi likes to do this move when he has the ball on the right side of the field, where there’s space to dribble into the middle or down the line.

With Messi’s signature move though, as with any move, it’s all about change of pace. Messi waits for the defender to dive in and then breaks away at speed, blowing past the defender. Messi lulls them to sleep in a way, and then bursts past them. Messi will even sometimes stand still and just wait.

Defenders get hypnotized by Messi’s signature move, as he stands still for a moment, and they end up nearly failing down when he fakes inside and then dribbles past them with the ball down the in. Take a look at Messi’s signature dribbling move in the video below.

And even though defenders know that Messi loves to keep the ball on his left foot, they still can’t stop him. It’s really impossible to force him to dribble say with his right foot since he’s so quick and will only cut away in another direction with his left foot, sometimes switching the ball to his right just for a second to get past the defender.

Here’s Messi dribbling past some of the best players in the world with ease. The mistake players make is diving in and trying to win the ball from Messi. You just can’t take the ball from him, it’s better just to try to contain him and keep him in one area. Don’t ever try to slide tackle Messi when he has the ball at his foot, he’ll just make you look silly.