Lubo Moravcik: The Butt Trap

The legendary butt trap! And the butt trap works! The Celtic midfielder Lubo Moravcik uses a part of the body you don’t see used too often in soccer. The Czechoslovakian played in the World Cup in Italy in 1990, and certainly has the ability and soccer skill to pass and shoot with both feet, but he can also surprise you with a bit of fun, as he does in the video below with this butt trap. Also reminds of Blanco’s butt pass.

The butt trap comes at about the 1:08 minute mark in the video below. Moravcik can score some great goals too, as you can see. He had quite a soccer career but might be more known for the butt trap. Take a look at the amazingly clever butt trap. Even Ronaldinho hasn’t mastered the butt trap yet. Learn how to butt trap the soccer ball from the master, Moravcik.

Watch Lubomir Moravcik pull off a butt trap in the video below.