Luis Suarez Loves Drinking His Mate

Luis Suarez drinking mate: What exactly is Luis Suarez carrying in that “flask”…? Everywhere Luis Suarez goes he’s got his container of magical tea, yerba mate. What does Luis Suarez like to drink everyday, sometimes two or three times a day? Yerba mate tea. You’d have to say Suarez can’t live without his mate. I wonder if he’d be able to play soccer if he didn’t have his mate – it’s like his goal scoring fuel.

Credit to FC Barcelona for the images of Luis Suarez drinking his mate of course. I’m sure they miss him since he left the club.

Luis Suarez Drinking Mate

What’s that Luis Suarez is drinking again here? Mate. Before a Champions League match Barcelona’s Luiz Suarez takes a pull of his mate as Lionel Messi looks on. And it’s not a flask, but a mate gourd that Suarez is drinking out of. And the straw is called a bombilla.

Luis Suarez Drinking More Mate

Is there someone on the Barcelona staff who makes sure Luis Suarez has hot water for his mate tea? There must be. Throughout the pre-season tour for Barcelona everywhere Suarez went you see him carrying his mate and hot water for the tea. What would happen if he didn’t have it? If he doesn’t have his mate is that when he loses it and ends up biting someone…? I dare anyone to try and take Suarez’s mate from him…

New: Messi drinks mate and Paul Pogba is starting to drink mate and new teammate Antoine Griezmann drink mate too.

When Luis Suarez signed with Barcelona, leaving Liverpool, where he was having so much success, he of course had his mate with him for the signing.

But really, if you’re a young forward, and what to score a lot goals like Luis Suarez, maybe you should trying drinking some mate before games. I mean there must be something powerful in this mate, right…

Here Suarez waits to check through security at the airport while drinking his mate and taking a selfie with a fan. This was the start of Barcelona’s U.S. tour.

Here Suarez goes to sign a few autographs as he leaves the hotel during the U.S. tour with Barcelona. Of course he’s got his mate in his hand. He doesn’t go anywhere without it.

Does Messi now drink mate too? Javier Mascherano does….but is Messi now drinking mate before games, not sure.

How about drinking mate on an airplane? Well, of course, that’s the best time to drink mate.

And then Luis Suarez got Barcelona’s goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen to try mate for the first time when he said he wouldn’t like it:

Say! I like mate!
I do! I like mate, really, I do.
And I would drink it on a boat.
And I would drink it in the rain.
And in a car. And in a tree.
Mate is so good, so good, you see!
So I will drink mate with a fox.
And I will drink mate in a house…

Suarez just always has his mate with him…stepping off the plane too. It’s kind of hard to carry though.

Update: Yes, Messi does drink mate from time to time…looks like Suarez is sharing his mate here in this photo below. “Just try Lionel, it’s good, come on just have a little bit.”

And yet another picture of Suarez in an airport holding his mate. He never leaves home without it, clearly.

I’m surprised Barcelona doesn’t selling a Suarez branded mate gourd and bombilla. Or heck, I’m surprised Suarez himself doesn’t. Maybe he will soon. Or maybe Nike will come out with a mate gourd and bombilla set.