Luis Suarez Fooling Flick

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Suarez Flick

Barcelona’s Luis Suarez flicks the soccer ball up and over Bayern Munich defender Medhi Benatia. Yes, this is one of those plays that will haunt the defender in his dreams. Amazing skill and awareness by Suarez to see the defender is too tight and using his heel to flick the ball up and over the defender’s head and he’s away on the dribble.

All Benatia can do is look up at the ball as it sails over his head. The best soccer players in the world always have a tendency to not just beat their opponents but humiliate them. Next time I don’t think Benatia will close down Suarez so tightly. Check out this flick by Suarez in the video below. Yes, Suarez most certainly fools the defender with this flick!

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