Luis Suarez Dive Celebration

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Luis Suarez, the Liverpool and Uruguayan forward, has never shied away from controversy. Actually, it seems he loves it. Whether it was the handball in the World Cup to save a goal, the Patrice Evra racist comments and no hand shake incident, and now this diving celebration after he scored. Oh yeah, and there was the time he bite an opposing player.

I supposed it was to show everyone up who thinks he’s just a cheat and a diver and not a goal scorer. A pretty gutsy celebration, especially when he does it right in front of the Everton bench. One things for sure, he ain’t a classy player. Karma got the better of Suarez though in the end. He scored a goal but it was called back for offsides. He actually wasn’t though. The Liverpool versus Everton derby ended 2-2.

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