Luka Doncic Soccer Juggling Skills

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Luka Doncic Soccer Juggling Skills

Luka Doncic juggling skills on display: This is pretty amazing really. Luka Doncic juggles the ball out of the air after a long range shot comes up short. It’s of course not the first time Doncic has been seen juggling a basketball like it’s a soccer ball but this is some touch. To really prove you can juggle the ball in soccer you have to be able to juggle the ball when it’s air up in the air.

Take the weight out of it and control it like Doncic does here with a basketball no less!

Doncic is just one of many NBA players who were influenced by soccer and are big fans of the game.

The shot goes up from near half court and Doncic rushes over to control the ball under the basket, with his face mask on and all. It looks like he gets in at least four or five juggles of the ball.

Doncic of course spent time playing for Real Madrid’s basketball team in Europe. So his love for the beautiful game is ingrained in him. For a big man though, his touch and juggling skills are at a high level. Surely Luca Doncic soccer skills helping him as a basketball player. To me, having played soccer growing up perhaps most helps in vision on the court and footwork.

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