Liverpool’s Robertson with the Screaming Defense

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Robertson Screaming at Henderson

If you can’t stop him why not scream at him. Robertson might get a role in a Scream movie sequel. And what with no fans in the stands someone’s got to do some screaming.

Liverpool’s Scottish left back Andrew Robertson tries to throw off Mason Greenwood by screaming at him right before he strikes the soccer ball. Really, not a bad effort by Robertson to throw off the attacker. Don’t think he had a chance to slide and win the ball without drawing a penalty kick.

Funny, if it had worked would youth soccer coaches start to train their defenders to scream at forwards right before the line up to shoot?

Television replays show Robertson trying to yell at Greenwood right before the goal. The video of course has now gone viral ever since Robertson was seen screaming at the Manchester United youngster Greenwood, who’s just 19 years old, to try to put him off as he attempted to close him down.

Greenwood remained cool, calm and composed and scored a big goal for Manchester United who could very well win the league now.

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