Luke Ayling Cartwheel Celebration

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Luke Ayling Cartwheel Celebration

Luke Ayling cartwheel celebration. Or, I should say Luke Ayling with one of the funniest goal celebrations you’ll see. Pushing his teammates away to say give me some more room so I can pull off the somersault or cartwheel celebration. It’s not Nani or Aubameyang doing a flip. The move requires little gymnastics. It’s more tumbling. It’s a bit less athletic, let’s say, but it’s full of joy and hilarious and I think that’s the whole point. And now Ayling can trademark his own celebration now. It’s sort of a cartwheel but maybe more of just a roller over tumble you’d see from some toddlers!

“I couldn’t land the cartwheel. I tried to do the Robbie Keane but couldn’t land it. I’ll have to work on that.”

Keane said he’d help with the Luke Ayling cartwheel celebration:

Keane is not only well known in Ireland for his goals in an Irish jersey, but is well remembered for his cartwheel celebration that became part of career.

Keane’s technique was immaculate with the gun gesture after, but Ayling flopped trying to emulate the Irish man.

Ireland’s record goal-scorer took to social media to offer the Leeds player lessons on how to do it properly.

I’m free on Thursday, Keane said.

Leeds United triumphed over Wolves in a truly remarkable contest at Molineux, as the Whites rallied from 2-0 down to win 3-2 in stoppage time. See the Luke Ayling cartwheel celebration in the video and all the highlights from the Leeds United comeback.

This win by Leeds pushes them well out of the regelation battle in the English Premier League and might just turn their entire season around. From CBS Sports:

That may be the moment to define their season. Leeds are now seven points clear of Watford in 18th, a healthy margin even if they have played a game more. Following on from their similarly dramatic victory over Norwich, momentum is on their side, but the numbers and statistics that these games have generated suggest that such fickle concepts might not be needed. Under their American coach, Leeds are delivering high-quality football. Premier League, beware the guys of Marsch.

Luke Ayling’s cartwheel goal celebration surely has to be the English Premier League’s celebration of the year. Just look at his athleticism!

Luke Ayling cartwheel

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