9 Best Passing Drills from FC Barcelona

Barcelona passing drills: If you’ve ever heard an eager young soccer player say they want to “play like Messi,” now’s your chance.

Some of my favorite passing videos are those ones where a streak of a ton of passes results in a goal. Learn how to develop your team’s passing style so you too can create goals that come from twenty or even thirty passes in a row. Let’s learn how to keep possession of the soccer ball and string passes together like Barcelona. Yes, these Barcelona passing drills are part of the famed tiki taka style of play developed by former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola.

As the official coaching content partner of FC Barcelona, MOJO provides exclusive access to training created in collaboration with the coaches of FC Barcelona. Now, for the first time ever, with the MOJO app, *anyone* can learn the Barça Way. Incorporate these Barcelona passing drills in your soccer training sessions to improve your teams ability to keep hold of the play and create goal scoring chances.

The Barça Way may look, feel and sound completely different from other soccer practices — and that’s the point. The activities are meant to develop the team as a whole, not just individual players. And they are rooted in FC Barcelona’s core values, known by the acronym H.E.A.R.T. (Humility, Effort, Ambition, Respect, Teamwork).

Here are the 9 best soccer passing drills for kids from FC Barcelona:

:05 Back to You
1:19 The Fiesta
2:41 Last Player Standing
4:26 The Gauntlet
6:00 Passing Through
7:09 Through & Through
8:42 The Big Finish
10:15 Divide and Conquer
11:52 The Upper Hand

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