Marc-Andre ter Stegen’s Assists for Barcelona

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ter Stegen Assists

Yes, Marc-Andre ter Stegen makes big saves for Barcelona but he also doles out assists! Remember that quick goal kick and perfect pass to Griezmann and then the incredible long ball right to the feet of Suarez? In world football, the other German keeper Manuel Neuer might be called the sweeper keeper, but ter Stegen is the playmaker.

Can we start calling Marc-Andre ter Stegen a playmaker…? I’m guessing that ter Stegen has more assists during the La Liga season than some Barcelona defenders. Surely the Barcelona coach tells their goalkeepers to get their heads up and look for the long ball if it’s open but these are some amazing passes by ter Stegen.

You may have to click over to YouTube to watch both these assists but they’re worth it.

Marc-André ter Stegen Assist to Antoine Griezmann

Killer pass and a lovely chip by Griezmann. Pique is even impressed by the pass, shaking ter Stegen’s hand after the goal. I wonder what he said to him….is Pique telling him he got a bit lucky that the defender didn’t cut out the pass or that it was a perfect pass.

Marc-André ter Stegen Assist to Luis Suarez

He comes off his line to win the ball with his chest and then picks out Suarez with a perfect pass. I love how Suarez raises his arm and looks back at ter Stegen thanking him for the pass. This is really a potential goal of the season.

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